How Handy is Your Handyman?

There are many talented people who believe and claim they can “fix” anything that needs repair or tackle any remodeling project.  Many have integrity and are very talented. However, keep in mind that every handyman may not be a carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc… My experience is that most home owners I visit have a handyman story… Read More

Protect Your Family From Lead in the Home

Many homes built before 1978 have lead based paint. Lead from paint, chips, and dust can pose serious health hazards. If you plan on renovations, repairs, or painting it is important to use a Certified Lead contractor to ensure your family's safety.  Recent rules have required additional training for contractors to keep their certifications. The… Read More

Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

Gutters, Downspouts, and Drains For every inch of rain hundreds of gallons of water are collected. When a storm drops heavy rainfall in a short time, the ground can become saturated, causing surface water to run off. This is when a system of gutters, leaders, and drains can collect and properly direct this water away from… Read More

Fixing drainage issues on your landscape

Does your property retain water and become over-saturated or flooded? Soil composition and land grading can cause these problems, resulting in ruined lawns and plantings, foundation problems and pest infestation. There are several drainage options to consider that will effectively remove water from your property. Contact us to discuss which drainage solution is best for… Read More

Keeping Fido Happy and Safe During a Home Renovation

Written by Larry Abbott, Abbott Contracting Remodeling your home can be stressful for humans - can you imagine what your pet will go through?  Their whole world and routine is disrupted from all of the commotion.  In order to help your pet remain happy and safe during a renovation it is recommended to have a… Read More

How “Handy” is Your Handyman?

Written by Larry Abbott, Abbott Contracting Beware of the Handyman, especially those that claim they can fix “anything.”  Not to disrespect Handymen because there are many out there that can do an array of construction tasks in a professional manner. Many have integrity and are very talented. However, keep in mind that every handyman may… Read More

Best Home Improvement Choices a Home Owner Can Make

Plan to have someone help you prepare – pack up, hire a pro to pack and store, throw things away, spring cleaning. Concentrate on the outside exterior first. Some people remodel a kitchen or master bath when they need a roof, windows, or siding. New work inside can be damaged if exterior repairs are not… Read More

Dust Free Remodeling

Abbott Contracting is one of the most sought after home improvement companies in SW Houston due to our "DUST FREE REMODELING" process. People are always trying to improve their home, their sanctuary, but most are in fear of having unskilled, questionable workman inside and with all the mess and disruption AND the DUST!! Most Home Improvement… Read More

Improve Mobility with a Residential Elevator

When you or a loved one has mobility issues and has trouble getting up and down stairs we have a solution to improve their quality of life. The Telecab Elevator, a residential two stop elevator, fits into any house and maximizes living space. It requires minimum construction and electric, and even blends in with your… Read More

Do You Know What’s in Your Attic?

Most attics are under insulated and full of old construction debris left from HVAC, electrical and plumbing contractors. Cleaning and re-insulating your attic will remove dust and debris, and improve ventilation and energy efficiency. Often there are holes or cracks in your attic which can cause water damage, damage to wiring and piping, or even… Read More

Fall Home Check Up

Fall is the time to give your home its annual checkup.  Look around for leaks, cracks, wear and tear that can develop over the year. Here are some of the things you should check: Exterior Is paint is faded and/or peeling Check caulking condition at all woodwork and around windows and doors Look to see… Read More